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Why Rent A Tiny Houseboat?

Our Tiny Houseboats are cozy and comfortable and very easy to navigate.  The boats are 18’ long by 8’ wide with an 11” draft making them easily maneuverable and perfect for navigating all of the tributaries and backwaters of the St. John’s River. This allows you to get back into the nooks and crannies that larger houseboats cannot. We believe it’s a more intimate and charming experience providing the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature for the same price as a hotel room near the water.

On board you’ll find all the comforts of a cabin including, a fully equipped kitchenette with a sink and 2 burner gas stove, a dining table and couch which convert into beds, and a private bathroom. The boats have large windows on all sides providing great panoramic views. If it happens to rain all the windows can be closed and everyone can keep dry. A high powered 12 volt fan will keep the cabin cool and provides great air circulation when you are not on the move. Our Houseboat rentals are powered by new environmental friendly engines with clean technology producing fewer emissions.

Now that you are acquainted, chart your own course or we can recommend one with our easy to follow guide maps. Our boats will allow you to step back in time and experience authentic Florida as you travel through mile after mile of protected and undeveloped waterways.

Imagine sleeping under the stars; waking up to gentle sounds of nature as you sip your first cup of coffee while the fog lifts off of the water. We look forward to helping you create BIG memories with Tiny Houseboat Adventures.