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St. Johns River

Our tiny houseboat rentals on the St. Johns River near Orlando, Florida are great family vacations, anniversary getaways, and the best staycations. This is because the St. Johns River is the longest river in Florida with 310 miles of beautiful waterways ensuring a lifetime of exploration around each river bend and backwater tributary. Over 100 springs are located within the St. Johns River watershed, providing approximately 30% of the river’s flow. These springs are critical to the health and hydrology of the St. Johns. Some of the largest and most important include Wekiwa Springs, Blue Spring, Alexander Springs, Silver Glen Springs, and Silver Springs.

The St. Johns River has a very low flow rate of 0.3 mph and is often described as “lazy” which is perfect for those of us who enjoy floating down a river at a relaxing pace. It’s slow-flow bears north where it eventually meets the Atlantic Ocean in Jacksonville. It is also known as the “River of Lakes” and was a key resource for natives and early explorers. Interestingly, the river is no longer the commercial resource it once was, and is now largely ignored by Florida’s residents and visitors alike.

While exploring the river we recommend making a visit to the three springs in area which are  Blue Springs, De Leon Springs, and Silver Glen Springs. Also, Hontoon Island is another great place to visit and offers a three miles of hiking trails, a museum of Native American and St. Johns River history, picnic/BBQ areas, and hot showers for those who have been exploring for a few days on the water. Hontoon Island is only accessible by boat.

Book your next adventure with us and come aboard one of our Tiny Houseboats to explore the beautiful beating heart of Central Florida.